Bik Van der Pol
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Other activities
ELAM UNIVERSITY International artist-in-residence-program workshop on free speech as part of 1440 Minutes towards the development of a site, in collaboration with students of Elam University, Auckland, New Zealand
Time bank, eflux, design note

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI),, talk
Insert, in Open magazine, published by SKOR
I've got something in my eye, Marie Louise Hessel Museum/CCS Bard College, Annondale-on-Hudson, NY, curatorial project by Bik Van der Pol with works of Bik Van der Pol, selection from the Marie Luise Hessel Collection, Bard CCS archive, and Van Abbe Museum
PLUG-IN 28, Pay Attention, part 1, 2 and 3. Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven

des/IRE, symposium on urban developments, National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland
Lindestede, Wolvega, landscape project in collaboration with Tijs van Hees landcape architect
selection of films from collection Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Be(com)ing Dutch, symposium, van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven
Cordially Invited Connecting Art and Anthropology (CAA), organised by Amanda Ravetz, Manchester Metropolitan University, workshop
Other activities
Jump into cold water: summer academy 2006, Shedhalle, Zurich
Archiving disappearance, symposium Nr.1: The introduction, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art, Istanbul, organised by Krist Gruijthuijsen, with guest speakers Bik van der Pol, Brian Holmes, Alexander Koch, Anders Kreuger, Raimundas Malasauskas, Bob Nickas, Seth Siegelaub
Hospitality, Space, TravelL, Translation, symposium, Olivetti Foundation, Rome

Artist as contemporary witness and the limits of sociological vision, IKT congress, Cracow, Poland, in panel with Irit Rogoff, Roger Burgel, Adam Szymczyk and Anselm Franke
Nederland niet Nederland, van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, symposium

Twist to Wild Life TWL, Workshop for SMS (School of Missing Studies), Halle School of Common Properties, Werkleitzbiennale, Halle (Germany)
Para Education Department, Tracer, TENT., Rotterdam, presentation Platforms + Presentation: art as discussion piece, project for Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
Cordially Invited, concept and production of project by Bik Van der Pol for Nomads & Residents, BAK, Utrecht, in collaboration with Solvej Helweg Ovesen, see also Cordially Invited (eflux)