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sep. 21
Dissolving Matter and Value, Oct 8-Nov 28, 2021
sep. 21
Relative Time/Little Time Speaker Series: September-December 2021
sep. 21
Research residency at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Sept 18-28
sep. 21
Reviewing: Public Arena
aug. 21
Now What: A Living Newspaper
jun. 21
Upcoming: Don't Fence Me In
jun. 21
Upcoming: School of Casablanca
apr. 21
Garden State, at Garage, Rotterdam, May 1 – July 7, 2021
mar. 21
A Living Newspaper - study group
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Coming Soon: Speechless
jan. 21
sep. 20
The School of Missing Studies
aug. 20
Now What?
jun. 20
Take Part: Update
may. 20
Take Part #GuessWhereSF Instagram
apr. 20
Far Too Many Stories to Fit into so Small a Box, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
mar. 20
apr. 19
Take Part - Is There Room in San Francisco for San Francisco? 2018-2021
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Dissolving Matter and Value, Oct 8-Nov 28, 2021

Dissolving Matter and Value deals with transitions from one (material) state to another and the processes of increase in value, loss of value and consumption that take place. The focus lies on the normative assumptions and the social codes that separate the valuable from the worthless. Which relationships between ecology and economy, geo and ego are produced? What is used to achieve what? What is available?What happens when value declines?
With Helin Alas, BikVanderPol, Vilte Bražiunaite & Tomas Sinkevicius, Barbara Kapusta, Robert Keil, Judith Neunhäuserer, Nina Radelfahr, at Lothringer 13 Halle, An art space of the city of Munich