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oct. 15

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sep. 16

Radio Shoe presents shows on Take Part's San Francisco scale model
feb. 19

Radio Shoe by DJ Stella Lochman, Senior Program Associate for Public Dialogue at SFMOMA. As project manager for the SFMOMA’s Public Knowledge initiative she coordinates TAKE PART and other large-scale, long-term, social practice artist commissions, serving as liaison between the artists, the museum, the San Francisco Public Library and history, community and arts organizations across the Bay Area. Follow SF Neighborhoods: themed playlists that make you feel things.

mar. 20

Take Part
jun. 20

Take Part is a project by Bik Van der Pol, seeks to create a shared public vision of the city by anchoring discussions about its past, present and future, to the tangible: a 1000 square foot detailed wooden scale model of the city built in the late 1930s by the WPA under the New Deal program.
(due to coronacrisis the final stage of this project is postponed)

San Francisco model on David Rumsey's website
Stories from the model city and 99percentinvisible
on Living New Deal
SF WAP model at Libraries

The School of Missing Studies
sep. 20

The School of Missing Studies started in 2003 as a collective made-up of artists and architects, who recognized the missing as a matter of urgency in public space and how cultural education was so close yet so far removed from cultural production. They investigated what cultures laid the foundations for the loss that we are experiencing from modernization, and how we can learn from this loss. The School of Missing Studies is calling for a space to turn existing knowledge against itself to affect our capacity to see things otherwise, to trust that seeing, and to set our own pedagogical terms.

Don't Fence Me In
dec. 21

In 2020-2021 Bik van der Pol developed in collaboration with TAAK and Public Art Amsterdam, Don't Fence Me In, with the intention to eventually make a film, a public program and an online research platform.
Don't Fence Me In responds to the renovation and the removal of the fence around the building from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in Amsterdam, to make way to create a more transparent appearance of the building, now that DNB aims to create public access to the building. The fencing to which the artwork of Peter Struycken is attached also has become redundant, also because of the relocation of the banknotes and gold-stock from DNB to Zeist.
Bik Van der Pol's research focusses on (the illusion of) visible and invisible fences that give or deny access, as well as on the deconstruction of modernity by focussing on the slow process of the dismantling of the building towards the exposing of its carcass.

School of Casablanca
jan. 22

A dérive through Casablanca, history and minds. A public programme by Bik van der Pol in two parts, November 2021, and autumn 2022.

mar. 22

mar. 22


Did you know...?
apr. 22

Did you know that ...Little Liars "was the name of radio receivers in Soviet Union that would receive only a certain government-approved frequency (the same formula was used in North Korea.) You could listen to “Voice of America” in USSR, but mere exposure to an opposite side of propaganda had tragic effects as well: a number of guerrilla fighters stayed for many years with radio receivers in forests of USSR-occupied countries like Lithuania waiting for “Americans to come.”

(Cited from Raimundas Malasauskas, text for Plug in 28, Van Abbe Museum)

These Birds of Temptation – intercalations 6
dec. 22

Our text Speechless: Some Notes About Birds, in this beautiful 436 pages thick book. Order here. Edited by Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin, published by K.Verlag and HKW

dec. 22

OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2022, which contours are taking the shape of a School of Walking, slowly moving through urban layouts, historic texts and textures of minds.
Walks initiated by Bik Van der Pol, with Fatima Mazmouz, Hassan Darsi, Maria Daïf, Manal Aziz & Hamza Boussedra and Mohamed Fariji.

The School To Be Done
feb. 23

THE SCHOOL TO BE DONE, round table intensive seminar from 4th - 13th of April 2022 at MACRO, organised by by CASTRO in collaboration with the museum’s Department for Preventive Education. With the participation of Bik Van Der Pol, Piero Golia, Cesare Pietroiusti and the participants in the seminar.

At The Edges Of Sleep - Moving Images And Somnolent Spectators by Jean Ma
may. 23

Many recent works of contemporary art, performance, and film turn a spotlight on sleep, wresting it from the hidden, private spaces to which it is commonly relegated. At the Edges of Sleep considers sleep in film and moving image art as both a subject matter to explore onscreen and a state to induce in the audience.

¿ A public workshop, a walk, and a collective performance, May, 2023
may. 23

Bik Van der Pol are interested in the potential of transposing the classical chorus into the present, whose role is to speak and deliberate for, with and through past and future generations in a multiplicity of voices. Departing from the ground as object and site, this project – encompassing workshop, walk, performance and documentation- embodies punctuation as a form of ‘acupuncture’. This project addresses the ground we stand and walk on, mine, exploit and excavate. Bringing together knowledges, experiences, aspirations and energies in a collective endeavour we ask: if there is a public good, then who is the public and who is it good for? How can individuals relate to global responsibilities, and take stock of the consequences of their production and actions?

Mosaic: Special Issue: The Archive Issue
jul. 23

This is what we did during the covid years: a lot of in-depth reading as site-specific research, into the pile of circa 50 Mosaic Magazines, from the first Issue (October 1967) to now. Mosaic issue 54.2 is a special archival issue developed as the first part of a collaborative project between us, the magazine and Shep Steiner. Shifting through fifty odd years of old issues and forty times as many published essays, we collectively selected twelve to republish.
The second part of the project involves a series of lectures that will be published in subsequent issues (55.1, expected July 2023, and 55.2, expected August 2023).

introduction about our work and collaboration with Mosaic, by Shepherd Steiner and Karalyn Dokurno.

Nominated for Dolf Henkes Prize at TENT, Rotterdam
aug. 23

September 8, at TENT, Rotterdam, the tenth biennial exhibition of the Dolf Henkes prize 2023. We are happy to be invited to show our work in this exhibition together with artists Ada M. Patterson, Babette Kleijn, Samboleap Tol, Yoeri Guépin, Bert Frings, Dirk van Lieshout and Maike Hemmers. Beautifully curated by Annosh Urbanke.

nov. 23

SCHOOL OF CASABLANCA: THE EXHIBITION will take place in Casablanca: 11 November 2023 – 14 January 2024, and in Berlin: 15 February – 14 April 2024

Bik Van der Pol

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