Bik Van der Pol
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Capsule Hotels for Information, Dreams, Brilliant Thoughts and ...
On The Sublime, a group show curated by Bo
Nilsson (also including works by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Ann Veronika Janssens, Mike Kelley, Lars Nilsson, Gabriel Orozco, Cindy Sherman, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wolfgang Tillmans, Anders Widoff, Hakan Rehnberg)

The project consists out of two capsule constructions and a library. The capsule constructions (sizes each 360wx290hx200d) are based on Hotel Capsules in Japan, where businessmen take a break in solitude. These capsules are provided with only the necessary things to spend some time: a mattress, a pillow, a mirror, and a basic planchet to storelittle pieces of luggage. Together with the small and modest library, these capsules provide space for reading, thinking, dreaming and sleeping.

The library consists out of our own collection of literature, theory, catalogues and other books that are and were important for the development of our work. The collection of books is extended with books from the Rooseum library, books purchased by the Rooseum according to our wishlist and their own advices, and books in Swedish language from
Capsule Hotels for Information, Dreams, Brilliant Thoughts and ...
the public library, donated to the project specifically for this period of time.

Capsule Hotels at Rooseum, Malmo