Bik Van der Pol
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Collaboration with Korteknie and Stuhlmacher architects
Location: various sites in and around Zuidas Amsterdam (not realised)

KA - 'eternal wanderer' - is a small-scale, mobile space for exhibitions and research on art in the public space of the Zuidas, Amsterdam. Conceived for academics, students, artists, architects, professionals and others to exchange ideas, study, work and present their work,
during a period of approximately 10 years in which the area around the Zuidas will be transformed into one of the most prominent commercial centres in Europe.

KA will react to the changes in different locations, in different configurations, with varying spatial scenarios. KA is changeable, movable and extendable. KA invites people to work in and with public space. KA absorbs, initiates, informs, stimulates and activates. KA provides location for what's missing in the Zuidas: temporariness, improvisation and an open character.
KA consists of 4 units that can be put together in different configurations. Each unit is part of a larger whole but can at the same time can stand alone.

The configuration of the elements changes with its location. On every new site a new relationship will be defined between the object and the public space, between inside and outside, open and closed, public and private.

The units can be combined and adjusted according to the changing requirements of site and use. The character and shape of the open space and its relationship to the surroundings changes accordingly.