Bik Van der Pol
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Istanbul, 59 Locations: A Format For Nightcomers
Every night a small team equipped with car, projector, sound system, paper, brush and paste, moved into the city to one of the locations, and paste white paper posters onto the wall, which formed the screen for the video program of Nightcomers.
After the screening, the white paper walls leave a phantom-like trace in the city, and these white spots slowly sink, in time, back in the urban tissue of the city.

For their research, Bik Van der Pol explored the different neighbourhoods of the city, searching for walls of inhabited, run-down or empty buildings, factories and houses, fences, car park walls.
Some of the locations are in urban transformation, in an uncertain state, on the verge of new developments, or not always without (political) conflict. Other locations are the result of (sometimes conscious) neglect by the city authorities or the result of a powerplay between local and national government or even illegal developments (large works such as tunnels, hotels, roads or whole housing areas), sanctioned by the authorities.
Istanbul, 59 Locations: A Format For Nightcomers
With the help of students, urban sociologists, residents, and others, Bik Van der Pol mapped, described, recorded and photographed every location. Together these locations create the facts and fictions that form the underlying structure of a city.

The small guidebook with the title 'Istanbul. 59 Locations, A Format For Nightcomers', designed by David Bennewith and Sandra Kassenaar gives an overview of all the locations, thus creating access, allowing a glimpse in the wide variety of Istanbul's daily dynamics, and invites the public to embark on a trip.