Bik Van der Pol
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Between a rock and a hard place
and its potential power lies in the meditative nature of repetitive labour. Citizens of Sudbury were invited to pass by and contribute to the process.
A range of people was also invited to think aloud on the possible meanings of cleaning in the context of language, religion, tradition, feminism, and ecology. From this event, and based on this collective endeavour during these four days, the short film Between A Rock And A Hard Place was made.

Continuing the research on the black rock and their relation with the large and widespread community of Sudbury. This will culminate in a series of rock concerts, in close collaboration with the extremely rich music scene of Sudbury. Eleven local bands and musicians of all musical styles will each perform on eleven specific locations, which will inevitably involve rocks as a backdrop. This will take place on August 18, 2012, and a bus will take the public on this one single day, travelling from location to location. The recorded material will become a video-film. This day of action thus creates a string of connected locations throughout the wider area of Sudbury, as a way of mapping the area through its physical manifestation: rock.
Between a rock and a hard place
Focusing on the rock as landmark for experience, this project is not just site-specific. Rather, it makes each chosen site specific through a process of mapping by way of note-taking and note-making that literally maps-out the area. Though mapping usually refers to cartography as a way acquire data from a terrain, here the concept of mapping is loosely applied as a conceptual metaphor, creating an inference from one conceptual domain (the territory) to another (creative practice).

The project Between A Rock And A Hard Place is a collaboration with producer Mathieu Grainger, designers collective Bureau and evaluator Jamie Gamble, who are all part of the project and will play a significant role in the film. Producer is Musagetes Foundation, an international organization that seeks to transform contemporary life by working with artists and other partners to develop new approaches to building community and culture. Musagetes has been working in Sudbury since 2010.