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sep. 22
Wild Summer of Art - Brutus, Rotterdam
aug. 22
Levend Landschap/Living Landscape, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
may. 22
These Birds of Temptation – intercalations 6
apr. 22
Did you know...?
mar. 22
mar. 22
Relative Time/Little Time Speaker Series
mar. 22
feb. 22
jan. 22
School of Casablanca
sep. 21
Dissolving Matter and Value, Oct 8-Nov 28, 2021
jun. 21
Don't Fence Me In
sep. 20
The School of Missing Studies
jun. 20
Take Part: Update
mar. 20
feb. 19
Radio Shoe presents shows on Take Part's San Francisco scale model
sep. 16
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oct. 15
AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in the space of Google maps
mar. 22

Relative Time/Little Time Speaker Series

Mosaic interdisciplinary critical journal invites you to join Relative Time/Little Time Speaker Series, a series of digital lectures via Zoom on what we could call relative time and its possibilities, developed in collaboration between Shep Steiner with Bik Van der Pol. The lectures concentrate on the flow or pace of current time, especially in relation to past time. VIEW LECTURES HERE

With in 2021:
Frédéric Neyrat (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Heliopolitics (Or How to Cure an Amnesiac Sun)”: September 17, 1:00pm CDT
Erin Manning (Concordia University), “The Untimely Impersonal”: September 22, 12:30pm CDT
Jonas Staal: Friday, October 8, 2021

Speakers: 2022
Dominic Pettman
Paul Huebener
Etienne Turpin & Anna-Sophie Springer
Denise Ferreira da Silva
Andrea Robbins & Max Becher
Steven Duval & Marina McDougall
Arthur Anyaduba, Melanie Braith, Sean Matharoo, & Melanie Unrau