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jun. 24
Casablanca Art School at Schirn Kunstalle, Frankfurt (July 12-October 12, 2024)
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The One Straw Revolution, 11 February to 19 May 2024, Framer Framed
feb. 24
The Casablanca Art School: Platforms and Patterns for a Postcolonial Avant-Garde (1962–1987)
feb. 24
feb. 24
To Gather on a Mountain – a screening 7/2/2024
jul. 23
Mosaic: Special Issue: The Archive Issue
may. 23
At The Edges Of Sleep - Moving Images And Somnolent Spectators by Jean Ma
dec. 22
These Birds of Temptation – intercalations 6
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At The Edges Of Sleep - Moving Images And Somnolent Spectators by Jean Ma

Many recent works of contemporary art, performance, and film turn a spotlight on sleep, wresting it from the hidden, private spaces to which it is commonly relegated. At the Edges of Sleep considers sleep in film and moving image art as both a subject matter to explore onscreen and a state to induce in the audience.

Far from negating action or meaning, sleep extends into new territories as it designates ways of existing in the world, in relation to people, places, and the past. Sleep also expands our understanding of reception beyond the binary of concentration and distraction. Jean Ma brings together an array of interlocutors—from Freud to Proust, George Méliès to Tsai Ming-liang, Weegee to Warhol—to rethink moving images through the lens of sleep. Ma exposes an affinity between cinema, spectatorship, and sleep that dates to the earliest years of filmmaking, and sheds light upon the shifting cultural valences of sleep in the present moment.