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sep. 20
The School of Missing Studies
sep. 20
Upcoming: Don't Fence Me In
sep. 20
Upcoming: School of Casablanca
aug. 20
Now What?
jun. 20
jun. 20
Take Part: Update
may. 20
Take Part #GuessWhereSF Instagram
apr. 20
Far Too Many Stories to Fit into so Small a Box, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
mar. 20
apr. 19
Take Part - Is There Room in San Francisco for San Francisco? 2018-2020
sep. 16
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oct. 15
AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in the space of Google maps
aug. 20

Now What?

Now What?, Fieldwork International Summerschool, Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland. 4-5 September online, 10am-2pm GMT
With curators Binna Choi, Galit Eilat, Tessa Giblin, and artists Ashanti Harris and Olivia Plender, and a screening of the film What is Democracy? by film-maker Astra Taylor. Programmed by Bik Van der Pol.