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aug. 23
Dolf Henkes Prize at TENT, Rotterdam
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Mosaic: Special Issue: The Archive Issue
may. 23
¿ A public workshop, a walk, and a collective performance, May, 2023
may. 23
At The Edges Of Sleep - Moving Images And Somnolent Spectators by Jean Ma
feb. 23
The School To Be Done
dec. 22
These Birds of Temptation – intercalations 6
dec. 22
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Did you know...?
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mar. 22
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School of Casablanca
dec. 21
Don't Fence Me In
sep. 20
The School of Missing Studies
jun. 20
Take Part
mar. 20
feb. 19
Radio Shoe presents shows on Take Part's San Francisco scale model
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AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in the space of Google maps
dec. 21

Don't Fence Me In

In 2020-2021 Bik van der Pol developed in collaboration with TAAK and Public Art Amsterdam, Don't Fence Me In, with the intention to eventually make a film, a public program and an online research platform.
Don't Fence Me In responds to the renovation and the removal of the fence around the building from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in Amsterdam, to make way to create a more transparent appearance of the building, now that DNB aims to create public access to the building. The fencing to which the artwork of Peter Struycken is attached also has become redundant, also because of the relocation of the banknotes and gold-stock from DNB to Zeist.
Bik Van der Pol's research focusses on (the illusion of) visible and invisible fences that give or deny access, as well as on the deconstruction of modernity by focussing on the slow process of the dismantling of the building towards the exposing of its carcass.