Bik Van der Pol
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The Bookshop Piece
The Bookshop Piece
In 1998, The Bookshop Piece was activated at gallery Greene Naftali in New York.
For this new situation, the stock was completely actualised and critically reconfigured in close collaboration with gallerist Carol Greene and the US based publishers and distributors.

The Bookshop Piece for gallery Greene Naftali foregrounds even more the fabric of social relations and exchanges, which occur in the realization of the project. The artists, publishers and gallery staff participated in a collaborative process, working intensively together to rework and adjust the stock for this specific situation, which invited the audience to participate as a viewer, consumer or browser.

Questions of the public sphere enter through the architectural and sculptural displacement of one's institution's bookstore into another institution's exhibition space. This intersection raises questions particular to an American context where the space between the gallery and the museum is shrinking and the role of the institution as an entertainment venue is supported by the museum cafe and store.