Bik Van der Pol
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Proposition for Reclaiming a Space
Mediation of ideas, and creating a network of a
larger and larger circle of friends was the
motive underlaying Proposition for Reclaiming a
Space-1997, a reconstruction of the first
gallery of Konrad Fischer that opened in the
sixties in the Neubruckstrasse in Dusseldorf.

As its example, Proposition for Reclaiming a
Space is based on the very simple gesture of
creating in an in-between-space - in an alley
used to transport goods and allow people
entrance to buildings in the back yard - a new,
open space by installing two glass doors on
both sides. This reconstruction presents the
possibilities of creating and giving room,
where artists - instead of the objects - are
the central notion in the development of such a
space: an attitude based on trust. With this
attitude in mind - which according to us is
still an actual and very necessary one today -
we created an open empty space, thus giving the
opportunity to revive, re-experience and review
the actual space as well as the myth.

An interview with Konrad Fischer by George
Jappe, published in Studio International, vol.
Proposition for Reclaiming a Space