Bik Van der Pol
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Absolut Stockholm
At the end of 2000, we developed ABSOLUT STOCKHOLM, Label or life - city on a platform, for Moderna Museet projekt, Stockholm.
This project explored the city as a platform and is a search for the life 'behind the labels, engagement with ideals, the drive for
In the project space of the museum, a 1:1 reconstruction of a 'ready-made', a billboard advertisement from New York by Absolut with
furnishings by Ikea, was installed. A remarkable advertisement billboard: two large Swedish companies both working on a global
scale strategically combine forces in a big city outside Sweden. This billboard consists of a 'real' three-dimensional everyday living situation; the furniture however is attached to the well-known bottle shape. Compact living.
In a museum space, its initial function as a billboard (originally meant to function in a public space) is replaced by another function: as a hypothetical model to test advertising against reality. But how habitable is reality actually, and for whom? Using the billboard as a 'springboard' we explored relations between ideas, ideals,
Absolut Stockholm
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