Bik Van der Pol
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Love and Happiness
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Love and Happiness
Almere is a young city, created 25 years ago. It is a fastgrowing city: At this point in time, it is the 4th biggest city in Holland. Almere struggles with its city identity.
At the heart of the project of Bik Van der Pol for the Paviljoens in Almere lies the concept of this struggle, next to the notion of the Almere inhabitant as a pioneer/adventurer and proud house owner. These ambiguities are translated into the project Love & Happiness, a site-specific project.
Every evening the space underneath the exhibition building of DePaviljoens is lit with red light, transforming the space into what could be a venue for a rendez - vous, a meeting place, or a hang out....
Inside, a carousel with four compartments is constructed in which the interior of each part (each of which relates in different ways to settling down, dreaming, longing, and escapism) can be used to sit, talk, read, re-arranged, or stare out of the windows and enjoy the view that passes while the carousel is slowly turning around.