Bik Van der Pol
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Some books in Loompanics' catalogue deal with activities and methods which, when really executed, would conflict with federal, state- en local law.
Loompanics however insists on the fact that they do not advocate breaking law: their books are sold for information purposes only. Loompanics Unlimited recommends interested readers to contact the authorities before realizing a project based on the information in their books.

The books published by Loompanics Unlimited, emphasize the tension between free speech, thinking, and taking responsibility for action. During thirty years, Loompanics has been publishing books on the edge of the tolerable. The collection—now an archive—occupies an important niche. Everything produced by a society can, in reality, also be used against it. Balancing on this ambiguity of what defines a democracy, the books published by this radical company claim, through its output, a free space where one can think.

In january 2006, Loompanics went out of business, and following this, Bik Van der Pol collected 140 books from Loompanics Unlimited publishers, Washington.
Each book has become a collector's item now; Bik Van der Pol have nevertheless decided to make the content available. Users are invited to read the publications and make copies of the manuals, so they can potentially follow instructions and realise projects on their own.

In 2007, Loompanics was acquired by Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven and is now part of their collection.