Bik Van der Pol
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Loompanics Publishers has a website: They publish slightly subversive book, balancing on the edge of the tolerable, legal and illegal. In 2001, Bik Van der Pol temporarily used the windows of White Box Gallery in New York that thus functioned as a window vitrine and advertisement space for Loompanics.

Loompanics publishes on ''Money-Making Opportunities, Underground Economy, Privacy And Hiding Things, Fake I.D.'s, Conducting Investigations, Crime And Police Science, Prison, Locks And Locksmithing, Self Defense, Revenge, Guns, Weapons, Bombs, Explosives, Guerrilla Warfare, Murder, Death, and Torture, Survival, Self Sufficiency, Shelter, Paralegal Skills, Heresy/Weird Ideas, Outlaw History, Anarchism and Egoism, Reality Creation and How to sneak into the movies without paying, and How to disappear completely without being found....''

Loompanics unlimited is, as the publishers say themselves on their website, for knowledge, fun and pleasure. For the unlimited possibilities of each individual, the spirituality of human freedom and resistance against tyranny.