Bik Van der Pol
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Far too many stories to fit into so small a box
During their residency they researched documents, texts and publications of the CCA in the library, archives and storage, looked at exhibition history at CCA, and the Theater Institute. And to make sense of all of this they embarked on a dialogue with many different individuals who have participated in creating the institution, its history and its larger context. These recorded dialogues form the basis for a script that combines the many threads of this input.

The artifacts, artworks, films, documents, snippets, and leftovers in the exhibition are connected through the ‘dynamic’ performative script, built of the complex history of the institution. As facts recalled by the witnesses have been dependent on their subjective memory of the events, so is the script apt to modifications; according to what is remembered by the spectators. The performances reflect this dynamics; they are continuously modified by performers in interaction with the public, while fragments of the script create a narrative trajectory though a thread of labels throughout the show.

Soundscape by Wojtek Blecharz, is based on the script. The soundpiece can be played from thirty speakers, that are activated and carried around
Far too many stories to fit into so small a box
by the public. Together they create a spacial experience that in encountering builds a relationship with the works, soundpieces on static speakers, and, occasionally, live performances. The multi-layered composition is never the same.
Posters are also a form of ‘theatre’ where the production, distribution and consumption of knowledge is synthesized as ‘performative sculpture’. The posters carry quotes from the script and function as markers, or footnotes perhaps, throughout the spaces.
And finally, Other Lessons consists of a public program that includes workshops with Jolanta Krukowska, Janusz Baldyga, Wojtek Blecharz, Ania Nowak and Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, as well as guided tours led by persons related to the institution.

Concept, research and script by Bik Van der Pol. Curator Joanna Zielinska. Visual Identification by Fontarte. Exhibition Design by Matosek Niezgoda. Choreography by Ania Nowak. Performers Agnieszka Ayen Kaim, Mamadou Góo Bâ, Billy Morgan, Ania Nowak, Jagoda Szymkiewicz. [Soundscape by Wojtek Blecharz Soundscape by Wojtek Blecharz]. Soundpiece static speakers by Bik Van der Pol. Soundpiece The Castle by Bik Van der Pol