Bik Van der Pol
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Sunset Cinema
Sunset Cinema
The realization of a remake of Robert
Smithson's 'Cinema Cavern' seen through our
present perspective would have been a great project
if we had been invited to use the caves that
are situated beneath the City of Luxembourg for
a temporary cinema.
But the site for the cinema is a small square
in the shape of a quarter circle in a
neighbourhood called Bonnevoie. Nevertheless,
it is not a coincidence that we are caught by
the simplicity of Smithson's Cinema Cavern, for
which he took a site as it is given, and worked
with the parameters and limits that create the
potential to get the maximum from an existing

In fact, the square in Bonnevoie is - because of
this particular shape - very well suited for a
cinema. Everything is already there: the
projection wall, the slightly curved backside,
and the natural border with the street, formed
by the trees. With Apolonija Sustersics we
developed a cinema that is made for and
thinking from the site.

Sunset Cinema consists of three elements.
Podium/tribune, screen and box with minimum