Bik Van der Pol
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I've Got Something in My Eye
Objects, once acquired for specific reasons, are in a constant flux of change in the context and dynamics of a collection (in continuous discourse with and in the company of other concepts and perceptions), as well as in time. In this dynamic of discourse and commodification one sometimes tends to overlook their initial intention and reasons for existence.

Bik Van der Pol considered compiling this exhibition as a process of 'uploading the works with circumstantial evidence', thus proposing a new circle of communication between different types of 'reflections'. By creating tensions, lines and links between the works, spaces and different types of information they aim for a set-up in which works, objects and documents can manifest themselves as stepping-stones, while being aware that their knowledge is only based on their experiences and is therefore certainly not complete, as being always inflected by directions they develop through their own artistic practice.

With I've Got Something in My Eye they critically investigate the limits and possibilities of the collection as a whole as well as their own boundaries, in order to use the exhibition-making process as an opportunity for people, works and sources of knowledge to meet, exchange, collide and discuss.
I've Got Something in My Eye