Bik Van der Pol
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Unititled (Gold)
Unititled (Gold)
Untitled (Gold) consists of part of the poem Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg by British humorist and poet Thomas Hood (1799 1845). This poem is a timeless satire about the corrupting power of money. Miss Kilmansegg is the daughter of a banker, who insists on having an artificial limb made out of gold after she loses one of her legs in a riding accident; fearing that she cannot find a husband she expects this golden leg will make her more attractive. The golden limb indeed attracts much attention and makes her the talk of the town, bringing her to the notice of a charming man who successfully proposes marriage. Once he lays his hands on the young woman's fortune, he proceeds to squander it until the coffers are empty, at which point he beats the unfortunate girl's head in with her golden leg, and runs off with it.

Sociological experiments, often realized through a game, intend to observe human behavior and test human borders of altruism and egoism. The Ultimatum Game has been of particular interest for the work Untitled (Gold). In this game, two players are offered a chance to win a sum of money. All they must do is divide it. The proposer suggests how to split the sum. The responder can accept or reject