Bik Van der Pol
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point d'ironie
Performance in collaboration with participants of GoingUp:Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 2012

Using the motif of the point d'ironie, we worked together with the group GoingUp:Jerusalem, who produce a performative photograph in Jerusalem.

Point d'ironie is based loosely on the action by the Slovak artist Julius Kollers Univerzálny Futurologicky Otáznik, or Futurological Question Mark (UFO) in 1978, forming a question mark with a group of people.
The point dironie is a mirrored question mark. It was invented by the poet Alcanter de Brahm in the end of 19th century, and was used to indicate irony and sarcasm.

The punctuation mark embodies questions in relation to what an appropriate contribution to GoingUp:Jerusalem may be. A contribution and role within the context of politics may be uncertain: an adventure with unknown outcomes.
This impossibility of knowing what is an exact or accurate contribution is however marked by one certainty: all the participants of GoingUp:Jerusalem
point d'ironie
did co-produce and communicate ideas and speculations on where they, as a group, or the situation they are also implicated in, is heading to. Point dironie embodies the decision to punctuate the uncertainties, doubts and engagement of all those involved in these discussions and the importance of being in the moment.

The final outcome will be distributed as postcards. Perhaps.