Bik Van der Pol
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Accumulate, collect, show
accumulate, collect, show is a full size live-scoreboard, an open framework with modular text-elements that can be changed and replaced, and that performs as a generator of constant activity.
It is animated live by assistants who constantly change the text to spell out a number of abstract idioms, quotes and maxims, presenting a narrative to visitors of the fair. Emphasizing on the temporary visibility of a continuous flow of language -as a form of capital so much part of any economy the work reflects on the value of buzz and the unfolding of language, as a perhaps futile fluidity that connects action and change.

The work makes reverence to Cedric Price's Aviary designed for the London Zoo. This structure, as the architect envisioned, would be handled by its inhabitants. Flexible and impermanent, just like the Frieze art fair with its temporary tent structure for the art community gathering annually, the aviary was designed for a community of birds.

The temporal and provisional aspect is important, but also the visual aspect is. The colors of the boards are inspired by Mondrian's last and unfinished painting Victory Boogie Woogie; a work that reflects
Accumulate, collect, show
the rhythm of jazz and frantic and ongoing city movements. This living billboard is a sketch board, a test site; continuously changing, sometimes to the point, sometimes off the point, and always entertaining.