Bik Van der Pol
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apr. 17
Public Space? Lost and Found
mar. 17
Offshore: artists explore the sea, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
feb. 17
UPCOMING: Greater Together, ACCA, Melbourne, 8 Jul–17 Sep 2017
jan. 17
Selección Natural – This is the Cover of the Book, Curated by Moritz Küng, February 9 – April 9, 2017
oct. 16
WERE IT AS IF, Witte de With, 2016: visuals
oct. 16
HO HO HO!......:Sorry! NO We Don’t Do REQUESTS
sep. 16
Fly Me To The Moon, Sternberg Press
sep. 16
Bik Van der Pol on instagram and twitter
jan. 16
Future Light, Vienna Biennale 2016, online publication
dec. 15
Video Essays participants School of Missing Studies, 31st Bienale of Sao Paulo, 2014
oct. 15
AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in Google maps
aug. 15
Bik Van der Pol X Charlemagne Palestine, MetropolisM, Vol.3/2015
jul. 15
Abstract Habitats: Installations of Coexistence and Coevolution. Sven Lütticken
sep. 14
What if the moon were just a jump away? Publication of script based on research on Participatory Budget
jul. 13
With Love From The Kitchen
jul. 13
Fly Me To The Moon
jul. 13

With Love From The Kitchen

NAI Publishers

Bik Van Der Pol: With Love From The Kitchen
Published by nai010 publishers
Essays by Jan Verwoert, Jean Attali, Wouter Davidts, Charles Esche, Mary Jane Jacob and Sven Lütticken.
Since 1995, Rotterdam artists Liesbeth Bik and Jos Van der Pol have drawn from their immediate surroundings to create architecture-inspired installations. Displayed in art museums and galleries, the duo's spaces and interiors do not merely reproduce physical constructions but also copy their functions and uses in an ongoing attempt to tease out the essential meaning and purpose of these very spaces. With their “constructive criticism” installations, Bik Van der Pol deliberately seek to influence cultural spaces and transform them in a constructive manner by adding what might be lacking or by illuminating things like signage, which is sometimes obscure. This publication is the first comprehensive overview of Bik Van der Pol's projects since the artists began working collaboratively a decade ago. Seven essays by leading authors draw attention to the breadth and significance of their methodology. The selected projects are thus placed within a critical framework that allows interpretation by and inspiration for artists, architects, designers and theorists.