Bik Van der Pol
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may. 18
Dismantling The Scaffold
mar. 18
Syndrome of the Present
mar. 18
WERE IT AS IF - Beyond An Institution That Is, published by Witte de With, selected as one of the best designed books of 2017
sep. 17
upcoming: Public Knowledge SF MOMA
sep. 17
Just published: WERE IT AS IF Beyond An Institution That Is
aug. 17
in preparation: Escualita at CA2M - Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
aug. 17
Recently published: School of Missing Studies, Sandberg Series n°1
aug. 17
Verschwindende Vermächtnisse: Die Welt als Wald - Disappearing Legacies: The World as Forest
apr. 17
Recently published: Public Space? Lost and Found, MIT Press
sep. 16
Bik Van der Pol on instagram and twitter
oct. 15
AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in Google maps
jul. 15
Abstract Habitats: Installations of Coexistence and Coevolution. Sven Lütticken
jul. 15
Siegelaub / The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement
sep. 14
What if the moon were just a jump away?
sep. 14

What if the moon were just a jump away?

Publication of script based on research on Participatory Budget, 9th Mercosul Biennal

What if the moon were just a jump away? is publication of a script based on conversations from research of artists Bik Van der Pol into the Participatory Budget (PB) in Porto Alegre (Brazil). This material has been (re)composed to allow the different voices that occur in each instance of the discussion of PB to become manifest as a dispute, as a discursive and imaginative fight in space. The moon, an image shared and owned by all inhabitants of this planet, is conjured as an other location towards which it might be possible to exercise and activate a new participatory imagination, to eventually implement change to take hold here on earth.

concept: Bik Van der Pol
design: DongYoung Lee
editor: Rachel O'Reilly
publisher: Bik Van der Pol in collaboration with Van Eyck Academie.
250 numbered copies
ISBN 9789081201803
This publication can be ordered for Euro 8, by sending an email to or contact the Van Eyck Academie,
or Dong Young Lee